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Quote of The Day

"Find out who you are and be that person. That's what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come" ... Ellen DeGeneres
Women Of The Month
Latest Gay/Lesbian News
Embarrassing Bodies’ Christian Jessen shares unedited penis shot

It's still on Twitter.

The post Embarrassing Bodies’ Christian Jessen shares unedited penis shot appeared first on PinkNews.


Auckland Pride chaos after sponsor losses over uniformed police ban

The ban proved controversial.

The post Auckland Pride chaos after sponsor losses over uniformed police ban appeared first on PinkNews.


Pharma giant Gilead sued for ‘withholding’ safer HIV drug

The company is accused of harming minorities through its actions.

The post Pharma giant Gilead sued for ‘withholding’ safer HIV drug appeared first on PinkNews.


How to take a vibrator on your next holiday

Bringing you pleasure on your getaways.

The post How to take a vibrator on your next holiday appeared first on PinkNews.


Rugby team fights to stop gay player being deported to Kenya

A petition to let him stay in the UK has reached 65,000 signatures.

The post Rugby team fights to stop gay player being deported to Kenya appeared first on PinkNews.


Latest UK News
Briton Matthew Hedges jailed for life on UAE spy charge

Matthew Hedges is found guilty of spying but his family say the verdict is based on a false confession.  more...

Brexit: May heading to Brussels amid scramble to finalise deal

The PM will meet Jean-Claude Juncker - as a cabinet minister says MPs won't allow a no-deal Brexit.  more...

Cindy McCain: I'll never get over Trump's war hero slur on husband

In an interview with the BBC, Senator John McCain's widow Cindy defends her husband's record.  more...

Todays Horoscopes
Look ahead to the future and decide what you want to see happen. You're in a surprisingly good position to bring your ideas to life, because you don't mind the less glamorous parts of the process. Throwing yourself into a romance feels thrilling. You're not the type who enjoys polite relationships. When you fall in love, you become consumed with your amour. This means spending every possible second together, satisfying your mutual desires. Get swept away. Are you single? An accomplished person wants to know you better. Don't be fooled by their formal demeanour. Once you're alone, you'll see a thrilling side to your admirer. Together, you'll build a life that's both emotionally and physically satisfying.
This Day in History
1983: US troops invade Grenada

American forces seize control of the Caribbean island of Grenada less than a week after a left-wing coup in which the prime minister, Maurice Bishop, was killed.  ...more...

1964: President Kaunda takes power in Zambia

Zambia is the ninth African state to gain independence from the British crown.  ...more...

1984: Europe grants emergency aid for Ethiopia

The EEC is donating £1.8 million to help combat the famine in Ethiopia.  ...more...

1976: Queen opens National Theatre in London

The Queen has officially opened the National Theatre on the South Bank in London after years of delays.  ...more...

2001: Crime rates lowest for 20 years

British Crime Survey reveals the chances of being a victim of crime are lowest for 20 years.  ...more...

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Russell Grant – the Worlds most loved astrologer presents your Daily, Weekly, Monthly and the Year Ahead horoscopes. Russell's rise to fame has been meteoric. Dubbed “Astrologer Royal” by the media, he has syndicated his Stars column to 450+ newspapers world-wide.

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