Book Launch: Sarah Walton reads from Rufius - An illicit love story of Ancient Rome

Rufius - An illicit love story of Ancient Rome - a book lunch with author Sarah Walton.

Set in the Ancient Roman world of 4th century Alexandria, Rufius is an adventure story beyond sexual bounds, among heretics and burning books.

Come raise a glass with author Sarah Walton as she launches her brilliant debut novel. Olivier awarding-winning performer, Christopher Green, will appear as the outrageous Rufius.

The book gets in among child street gangs, heretic mystics, and bloodthirsty bishops and ancient desert drugs. Its set in 4th Century Alexandria, where the worlds great library is in peril. Rufius is in charge of books, his eyebrows, and wilful passions for the boys of the town. Its not just books that are in danger of burning.

A FREE Standing Book Launch, complimentary refreshments provided. Please RSVP here on Facebook (or just show up).

Although Rufius has been classed as literary fiction, its a fast paced action novel set in 4th century Alexandria. The backdrop is epic: the fall of Paganism and the rise of Christianity. Rufius, a learned and fleshy satyr (and Director of the Scriptorium at the Great Library of Alexandria), adds the comedy and the tragedy, as he watches the world he was born into crumble to the intolerance of extremism.

Time(S) 19:00 20:30
From 07/04/2016
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