Above The Stag: Haram Iran

In 2005, teenagers Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were hanged in “Justice” Square in Mashhad, Iran.

The news prompted outrage across the globe. Many believed the boys were killed for being gay, though the charge against them was the raping of a 13 year old boy two years earlier. Further facts are scarce.

Haram Iran imagines a possible, powerful version of the boys’ story. Both romantic and angry, it evokes all of the curiosity, humour, lust, comradeship, rage and rebellious spirit that unites teenagers the world over.

Time(S) 7:30 pm
From 05/04/2016
To 30/04/2016
Ticket Cost From 19.50
Venue Name Above The Stag Theatre, Arch 17
Address Miles Street
Town London
County London
Postcode SW8 1RZ
Region London - Central
Website abovethestag.com/whatson/