Static Banners

This company is an example of the type of company that we would like to offer this marketing opportunity to. 

Sponsoring a Static Banner on Velvet-Club provides an excellent opportunity for businesses and organisations wishing to promote themselves and their services/products to a lesbian professional audience.

  • A total of 15 Static Banner positions are available in this Velvet-Club Lifestyle Section
  • The Static Banners measure 100 x 38 pixels and will display permanently on every web page in the Velvet-Club Events Section
  • The Static Banners are neither intrusive nor irritating as the business/product names listed are static and do not flash. A "Thank You" message to Sponsors for their support is prominently positioned on all web pages.
  • When the curser hovers over your Static Banner it can display your business/ product description (limited to 20 words)
  • Your Static Banner will be connected to click through to your website
  • The Sponsors Index thanks all the Sponsors for their support of Velvet-Club and businesses/products are listed in alphabetically with links to their websites.
  • Velvet-Club has first page listings on the top 17 Internet Search Engines (inc google, yahoo, msn, ask) for key search terms including: lesbian professional women, lesbian club,? lesbian events guide and lesbian events london??
  • Over 33,000+ Velvet-Club members, subscribers and contacts receive Invitations to our Circa monthly events and links to our UK Lesbian Calendar of Events. UK based Members: 80%+
  • Velvet-Club statistics to date, increasing daily, include 8.43 Million hits in the last 12 months.
  • Static Banners are available on a 6 or 12 months tenancy from £30 per week

For more information please contact Stephen Coloney on
07963 855060 or email