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Russell Grant – the Worlds most loved astrologer presents your
Daily, Weekly and Monthly horoscopes.

Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

Element: Water
Birthstone: Moonstone
Colour: Blue or Silver

Birthdays of Famous Lesbians and Bi-women:
Jane Bowles (22 February)
Pat Arrowsmith (2 March)
Chastity Sun Bono (4 March)
Vita Sackville West (9 March)
Rosa Bonheur (16 March)

Daily Horoscope: Finding ways to express yourself should be your priority. You've been blessed with much creative talent. A significant part of your life should be devoted to painting, hobbies, playing music or performing. When you're not exercising your artistic muscles, you become sullen. People enjoy working with you. That's because you have a knack for making everyone feel valued. Even the biggest troublemakers try to win your approval, respecting your low-key management style.

Weekly Horoscope: You're being too generous and obliging. People are starting to take advantage of your kindness. The next time you're asked to perform duties that fall outside your job description, say no. The least people can do for you is to shoulder their fair share of the work. Finding time alone to recharge your batteries is important for your health. If you're starting to feel cooped-up at home or at work, get out of doors. Fresh air and exercise is the best medicine.

Monthly Horoscope: The New Moon on the 7th invites you to expand your horizons. Take this opportunity to earn an advanced degree, travel abroad or publish some work of your own. Venturing into unfamiliar territory will attract fame and acclaim. People will be charmed by your creativity and compassion. They'll welcome you into an environment that makes you feel supported. Life is about to take an exciting turn; say 'yes' to every opportunity to advance your knowledge and experience different cultures. On the 23rd, family matters will weigh on your heart. Arguing about religion and politics with a relative creates stress. It may be best to put this relationship on hold, at least until tempers subside. If you can no longer maintain ties with a narrow-minded family member, break things off as civilly is possible. Forcing this relationship will just create misery on both sides. When in doubt, follow your moral code. It will never let you down.

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phone 0905 506 6700 – Calls cost 75p/min.

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